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1-Day Instructional Reunion

The 1-Day Instructional Reunion following the weekend must always follow the Kairos Program Manual Instructional Reunion Schedule.  The focus is to be on prayer and share grouping for the new graduates (only). ​

2-Day (1-Day) Retreat  

The 2-Day Retreat (which, due to issues with the institution, may actually be a compressed 1-Day Retreat) is a formalized study usually centered on the Bible and is open to all Kairos graduates.  The Kairos Program Manual has a general outline for the 2-Day retreats, including a couple of suggestions.  Some councils implemented the requirement that the OL lead the next 2-Day as preparation for his/her weekend, and then finishes his/her tenure with the 1-Day Instructional retreat.  

Leaders must check that the selected material has not been used before.

If you had great response from your retreat please submit the material to kairosva.webmaster@gmail.com to share with others.

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2-Day Retreat Talk Outlines (by theme) & Program Manual
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