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 Kairos provides mandatory training for Weekend Leaders. Members of the Advisory Council can learn more about the specific program itself and are encouraged to attend an AKT. AKT is specific to the individual Kairos program (Kairos Inside, Kairos Outside, or Kairos Torch). You will learn about the current procedures and methods of the ministry, including new ministry policy updates. The full days of training must be attended to qualify and must be at least 12 months ahead of the Weekend and have been within the past 24 months. Observing Leaders must attend AKT before serving as Observing Leader. EZRA is not provided until after proper training of the Weekend Leader.​​​​​​​
Advance Kairos Training Registration Instructions 
Advance Kairos Training Registeration Form 
2020 Advance Kairos Training in Virginia Information ​​​
Advisory Councils are charged with implementing all of our ministry’s programs at the local community level. Every Advisory Council has a part to play in the overall success of the ministry. The Advisory Councils also play a vital role in making sure that Kairos programs are run consistently across communities, and within facilities in a way that honors God as well as all the legal requirements for nonprofit ministries.​​​​​

This training will serve as the catalyst to provide local Advisory Councils with all the tools they need to operate efficiently, to understand their roles and authority, and to operate effectively and according to the Kairos Prison Ministry Operating Procedures. Additionally, this training will empower and equip all members of the local Advisory Councils to perform their duties according to the highest standards with a spirit of Excellence and Spiritual Integrity.

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